Our Reconditioning Process:

  1. Appliances are off loaded at our reconditioning facility
  2. Items are sorted according to quality and type of appliances
  3. Only 10-15 percent of the appliances we handle actually make it to our showroom floor
  4. Our large inbound inventory ensures that only the highest quality appliances are reconditioned for our showroom floor
  5. Appliances that pass the quality control step are then sent to our technicians to test, then recondition.  Any appliance requiring major mechanical repairs are rejected and either exported or scrapped.  We do not have to fix every appliance, only the good ones
  6. Each technician follows a specific checklist specific to each type of appliance
  7. Wearable or non-working parts are replaced as required
  8. Technicians re-test appliances after they are rebuild
  9. Final Quality control is complete at the warehouse prior to shipping to our showrooms
We have been following a well defined process for reconditioning appliances since 1970, allowing us to provide a warranty that is one of the best (if not the best) in the industry.